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In decades of market and product research, we have acquired expert knowledge that, in addition to the production of conventional products, also focuses on the development and production of organic products.

Organic food is the most controlled food and therefore provides us the greatest possible security for a sustainably produced and wholesome product. Producers of organic food refrain from using chemically synthetic pesticides or mineral fertilizers as well as the use of other growth promoters and genetic engineering. In addition, the products from organic farming do not require treatment with flavor enhancers, preservatives, or other additives, including artificial flavors.

Organic food has a variety of benefits to offer regarding health, ecological and of course ethical reasons compared to conventionally produced foods. At every step in the process, organically produced foods are supervised by applying the strictest internal and external testing criteria according to international standards. This way, it is ensured that quality from the ingredient to final product remains consistently at a high-quality level. As a result, the use of raw materials for special products that have been traded on fair terms is aboslutely mandatory.

Our mission is to deliver consistent quality by applying innovative technology, and investment in product development. We aim to maintain and further develop our role as a durable and reliable service partner in this field.

To us, the organic movement is not just a fluke but rather a way of life. Those who consciously opt for organic products, are more aware of their eating behavior and practice overall healthier lifestyle choices.

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